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Bikes for Characters

This page is dedicated to our fans and friends with their MAXX Bikes.
Hi, I'm Stefan and crazy about marathons. I used to have issues finding the right race bike at my height of 203cm. Since I ride the Racemaxx in 3XL, I’ve picked up speed - even in the mountains!
I am Florian and work in the outdoor business. I love my MAXX, because after many years and kilometres, I have always received excellent service and support for both of my MAXX bikes.
Hi, I'm Nils. In my real life I'm a musician. As an artist, individuality always counts and thanks to MAXX I could find individuality in my bike. On my holidays I'm on tour a lot with my indestructible Pacemaxx Rohloff - like here on Kjölurroute Islands.
Hi this is Matthias and Nina - on our Honeymoon bike-packing tour through South East Asia. We both love our Crossmaxx. Not a single problem throught the entire 4 weeks.
I'm Paolo Carignani and work as a conductor. Since I visited friends in South Tyrol I’ve been an avid biker. Now I already have two MAXX bikes because they are the closest to an individually designed bike that I can get. One of them keeps me company throughout my international tours.
I am Udo from Frankfurt. My work as a freelance photojournalist leads me around the world. I was born and bred in Vinschgau and so am of course an avid MAXX-biker and try to have my Pacemaxx always by my side - as I did recently in Mongolia.
I am Klaus and an IT consultant. Despite my height of 2.06 m I have a perfectly suitable touring bike thanks to MAXX. On my first tour of Sweden the completely new riding experience has already got me really excited.
Can't translate:Hoi zämmä! Mir si d Corina und dr Alex vo dr Jurabikeschool. Mir läbä vo der Arbet als Bikeguides, dorum bruchä mir Bikes vo zu 100% uf eus apasst si. Uf eusnä Südtirolduurä hei mir zu MAXX gfundä. Eifach genial eusi FAB 4 2.0! Mit ihnä machä mir um die 100000 hm pro Joor.
I'm Alexander and work in audio technology. I am 2.00 m tall, but thanks to MAXX I am able to enjoy biking again. In every spare minute, I'm on the road with my Jinxx 29" - this photo shows me at the last ‘Selleronda Hero’ in the Dolomites.
XXL Bikes
Ausrüstungs-Spezialist für große Biker
Hoi, I am David, I run the Maxx Bike Eldorado in Latsch since 15 years. Why do I sell MAXX bikes particularly to athletes and bike hotels? For the same reason that I’ve found my professional future at MAXX bikes: The bikes are individually designed and built, and are durable and extremely robust. And that’s the only thing that counts in the mountains...
Hello, this is Arpad and Mona from Oklahoma, USA. We are both biologists and love the outdoors and bike touring. Our dream was to ride Rohloff bikes made in Germany. MAXX was our first choice because they build personalized custom bikes and - as you can see - we both needed extreme frame sizes. Our Crossmaxx ride great.
Hi, I am Mikhail, researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Tromsoe. I am 201 cm tall and XXL Jagomoasta is the most comfortable and fun fatbike I've found. I love backcountry fatbiking in the great Norwegian outdoors, it is the ultimate way to cruise long distances in the Arctic wilderness all year round!
Being trailguide in sunny Latsch, South Tyrol: Yes, that's my dream job and I enjoy it every day! Relying on my great working tool - the FAB4 29" - taking me safely on my innumerous high alpine tours. See you soon, cheers Matthias :-)
Hi, this is Andy and Stefan - we are members of the Berchtesgaden Mountain Rescue Team. There are so many situations up there we can reach the injured alpenists only fast enough on our Fatbikes Huraxdax powered by the 4000 Watts EGO-Kit. Thanks to the MAXX-Team!
Hi, we are Margrit and Bernd. We get re-energised for our office jobs when we go biking. Whether at home or on tour somewhere in the world, like most recently in Cuba - we trust our MAXX-bikes. We take them everywhere.
We are Kira from Vilnius, Sven from Berlin and Tulku, the westie dog - we just started our trip from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska - approx 15 months and 30.000 kms - perfectly equipped by custom made Pacemaxx bikes. Join us on /BoundlessBiking
Hi, I am Boniface and I used to play as NBA & Euroleague Basketball professional. With my 213 cm I am enjoying the perfectly fitting 4XL sized Racemaxx 29". Biking has become an excellent training device for me. Thanks to you guys from MAXX in Germany.
Hi, this is Nina - working as an investment consultant. I love being in the mountains - In the summer on my Jinxx 29 - in the winter: Yeah! Snowbiking on my Jagamoasta is my new favourite!
Hello, I'm Peter of For many years I have exclusively used MAXX bikes for my bike rental stations because we can get the perfect equipment for the extreme conditions around here. Privately I bomb the tracks along the steep coastline on my 'semi-legal' Racemaxx with an ultra-fast 500 Watts rear wheel assist. :-)
Hoi, I'm Martin from the bike hotel, South Tyrol. We have exclusively MAXX bikes for our guests, so that they can thoroughly enjoy their riding experience. I myself have cycled more than 100,000 meters in altitude without any problems on my strained FAB 4 EL - no wonder, at 203cm and 100 kg!
Hi, I am Greta from South Tyrol and a professional luge competitor - currently World Champion and winner of the Worldcup 2017. In the rest of the season my MAXX bike keeps me fit climbing our high mountains almost daily.
Hi - we are Jana and Benni and we are both teachers. Being enthusiast in Kiting and Biking, we love our MAXX Fatbikes for taking us to far out Kite spots on the beaches and endless dunes.
We are Helmut, 72, and Verena, 59 years old, and enjoy to ride the famous routes of North & South America. Our Pacemaxx bikes are always our loyal companions. After Helmut completed 135,000 kms (!) and Verena 60,000 kms (!) we thought we deserved individually built bikes and so we got in touch with MAXX ...see us
Salü, I'm Michael a TV sports editor at the German ZDF TV. Thanks to the special construction of the MAXX bike with a completely integrated Vivax E-Power system I am also able to ride the passes of the Tour de France. It’s a great addition to my live reports.
I'm Karin. Biking is the perfect balance to my working life as a lawyer. What I love most is taking my Pacemaxx when I travel. That way I am experiencing the country and people in the best possible way, like here in Crete. And because MAXX customized the bike perfectly for me, even after a long day I can already look forward to the next stage.
Can' translate this: Wea mi ned scho kennt: I bi di vom Elisabeths Platzerl - an saugmiatlichen Kaffee in Miaschbach am Schliersee. Ganz nebabei bin i Mama, a bisserl gestressts Modl vo meim liabn Colin - grad nebadro - und total Berg und Bike-narrisch. Mei pinks Jagamoasta Rohloff kennt ja scho de hoibe Weid - es mocht an Heidnspass...
I am Christian. Since my job working in the ICU is very stressful, I have found my perfect counterbalance in the form of my Racemaxx. An off-the-shelf bike was no option at my height (193cm) - it’s ended up being a happy coincidence since this has led me to MAXX. I even was provided with an individualised solution in the form of a marathon bike!
Hi, this is Haidee from Sapporo, Japan, on my first ride with my new Pacemaxx Comfort - perfectly customized by Rob, my husband. (more about Rob see

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