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Bike manufacture

 "Care and love of details are our measure of all things, not the time factor"

Custom Ebikes by MAXX - Made in Germany

There are so many Ebikes in the market – but none is individually custom made! MAXX is Europe’s leading custom bike manufacturer-established in 1993. So well experienced to build really individual Ebikes – only for you! Best fitting ergonomics, best technical specification and best looking – all made in Germany. Of course also the exciting E-System – the powerful and silent Brose motor and the fully integrated battery from BMZ. We've got the right Ebike for you - for Mountainbiking, Touring/Bikepacking, Citybiking, Fatbiking or in superlarge XXL sizes.

Mountain / All Terrain

Enduro / Trail B Plus Full Suspension 150/150 mm travel; sizes S-XXL


All Terrain B Plus Hardtail; sizes S-4XL

 Racemaxx EL



The One and the Only!

Full Suspension 140/140 mm travel, 4.8'' tires, sizes S-XXL

Crossmaxx Comfort SchachnerHuraxdax EL



City / Touring / Bikepacking

Classic design sizes S-4XL

 Crossmaxx EL

Easy entry design sizes S-XL

 Crossmaxx Comfort EL


Neodrive Rear eDrive

Optional rear wheel edrive - to be added in the configuration for all bikes with standard chaindrive (except X12 dropout)


Optional rear wheel eDrive - to be added in the configuration for Pinion bikes




All our classic bikes which can be optionally configured in our configurator as eBikes along with Neodrive Rearwheel Drive :

Promaxx 26"

Racemaxx 26"

Racemaxx 27,5"

Racemaxx 29" SE

Racemaxx 29" Pinion


Crossmaxx 26" Nur in Verbindung mit Kettenschaltung

Crossmaxx 27,5" In combination with chaindrive only

Crossmaxx 28" In combination with chaindrive only

Crossmaxx Comfort 28" In combination with chaindrive only

Crossmaxx 28" Pinion In combination with chaindrive only

Citymaxx 26" In combination with chaindrive only

Citymaxx 28" In combination with chaindrive only


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MAXX Ebike Systems

  • Mid Drive - based on powerful und super silent mid motor system from Brose (250 W/ 90 Nm) and the fully integrated and removable battery from BMZ V7 (36V 13,8Ah, 496,8Wh). Both are leading brands in their specific fields and stand for Made in Germany performance and quality. All our Ebike models can be individually configured in our configurator.
  • Rear Drive – based on the well-proven Neodrive System – also Made in Germany. All MAXX bikes with standard chaindrive – except models with X12 through axle dropout – can be configured with Neodrive System as an option, located in the option menu under “E-Power”. Choosing this method will help you to get an Ebike even in frame designs or sizes which are not available with mid drive systems.

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