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Bike manufacture

"Care and love of details are our measure of all things, not the time factor"

Fazua - light and smart. Made in Germany

FAZUA EVATION - the lightest and most compact drive system in its class.Perfect for all light, sporty and smaller bikers.

Ever stronger motors, ever larger batteries - this is definitely the right choice for a large part of Ebike riders. But the downside is unfortunately the ever increasing system weight. It doesn't matter with a full-grown man of 100 kg, but it does matter with a graceful person of 50 kg! And she doesn't even need it, because due to her low weight she needs much less e-support.
In addition, the ever larger batteries for smaller people under 165 cm no suitable frame sizes are feasible.
Another: Many sporty bikers don't want to have such great support at all and are proud of their own remaining watt power and only want support for peak loads.

The solution is the Fazua system
Perfect for smaller, light or sporty bikers who do not need such a powerful drive system with an additional weight of approx. 9 kg due to their low weight. And for all sporty bikers who want to cover their own fitness during peak loads with moderate e-support. Their ebike should therefore be easy to ride and preferably like a classic bike.

In its Fazua models, MAXX concentrates on mountain bikes - hardtail and full suspension- with a focus on very small frame sizes and light riders. And on e-gravel bikes for fine or gravel roads - optionally with drop or flat bar, sizes up to 4XL.

The data

  •     motor 60 Nm
  •     fully integrated battery 252 Wh
  •     total weight 4.7 Kg

The Elements

  •     Motor / battery unit (Drivepack): Removable motor and battery unit that takes the frights out of every      mountain. support upto 25 Km/h rated power 250W - up to 400W. The software is programmed in such a way that the motor provides very gentle support when starting up. It switches off just as gently at over 25 km/h, then the freewheel decouples the motor from the gearbox and top speeds can be reached by its own power.
  •     Battery X: 250 Wh, 36V
  •     Bottom bracket unit: Extra robust bottom bracket transmission unit that recognizes the power of the pedalling.  Power transmission directly to the chain - up to 60 Nm user torque measurement.
  •     Control unit bx: System start and the 3 support levels can be easily and intuitively operated from the handlebar - for maximum control, Bluetooth Ready, simple tuning with free Fazua App

Accessories: As an option there is the Downtube Cover as an empty body instead of the Drivepack - saves 2.9 kg if you don't need it. The bike then rides like a normal bike.

More info from the manufacturer: Fazua Evation

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