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Powdercoating - the perfect and durable coating for your bike .

MAXX performs professional surface retreading of high-quality frames & forks and other bike parts made of aluminium or steel - regardless of brand.

Here is an overview of the most important prices and services



The complete line

Depainting, Pre-treatment, Coating
Surface renovation

Our services

Description Hardtail Full Suspension
De-painting & new powdercoating
'MAXX Collection' Colours - gloss
179 Euro
269 Euro
Upcharge matte finish   19 Euro
  19 Euro
Upcharge RAL-Colour RAL-Chart   40 Euro   40 Euro
Upcharge for rigid fork (coated in frame colour)   43 Euro  
Upcharge for logo, signature under clear coat  40 Euro   40 Euro
Upcharge for Epoxy Anti Corrosion base coat (recomm. for steel frame with extensive all-season use)  43 Euro  
Upcharge for Epoxy Anti Corrosion base coat (recomm. for steel fork with extensive all-season use)  20 Euro  

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The Procedure

First the surface is professionally removed from the old paint and then powdercoated  in a two-layer process. The 1st layer is the base colour, the 2nd layer is a transparent top layer. On request, we can even insert an airbrush motif, a logo, your signature or name and a sealed code between these two layers. The surface will look like new - except of course deep scratches or dents in the metal. On request, we can also paint other frame elements or components in the same colour. The delivery time amounts to approx. 2-3 weeks starting from receipt.

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Order / Processing

Maxx carries out the frame retreading directly at our Rosenheim factory at the indicated prices. You would therefore have to send the parts to us or bring them by personally; if you wish, we can also pick them up by parcel service. The cost is 9,50 Eur per parcel - the same amount for the return delivery.

Attention: In order to avoid transport damage to the frame, use a frame carton (available from your local bike dealer).

Our delivery address: MAXX Bikes & Components GmbH Theodor Gietl Str 1 D - 83026 Rosenheim.

Please use the farmeclinic configurator for ordering the requested service. You will receive an order confirmation by email. Please put this in the shipment as an accompanying document so that we can assign it.  Payment will be made in advance or by direct debit before return delivery.

If you do not want special areas to be powder-coated or blasted, you must document this to us exactly in a masking plan in the form of a drawing or a picture on which the areas are marked.

Only send us unassembled parts made of steel or aluminium - without add-on parts such as bearings, bushings or rubber or plastic connections. All connections must be welded, not glued. Highly corroded parts will not be accepted. Our General Terms and Conditions apply. MAXX does not assume any warranty for hidden defects or previous damage to the workpieces.

If you have any questions, please use our hotline at the top of the home page - we will be happy to advise you!

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