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Bike manufacture

"Care and love of details are our measure of all things, not the time factor"

Individual Pinion Bikes - by MAXX

MAXX - the leading custom bike manufacturer, and the genius PINION drivetrain - a perfect symbiosis in modern bike technology - custom built in Germany. We are setting the highest standards: The paramount of technical perfection, individuality, ergonomics and design - the ideal platform for highest demands: custom dream bikes for perfectionists, commuters, globetrotters. MAXX has 2 Pinion bikes a 700C version for Commuting, E-Biking, Trekking and traveling and a 29" pure all terrain version - each available in 9, 12 or 18 speed gear specs. Sizes from S-XXL.

  Hard facts about Pinion

  • upto 18 real gears with even steps of 11.5%.
  • Up to overall Gear Ratio 636%. More than any derailleur system or hub gear.
  • Lightning-fast shifting of any number of gears in any situation.
  • Ride hard without worries. A sealed rugged housing protects the gearbox from dirt and damage.
  • Extremely low maintenance. The transmission operates in an oil bath (using biodegradable oil) and is designed for a mileage of at least 60,000 km.
  • Optimal weight distribution. A low centre of gravity and a light rear wheel improves handling, suspension and dynamics.
  • perfect combination of Pinion 9CR and rearwheel based E-drive linke Neodrive
  • more about Pinion

700 C Edition - availbale as complete bike or frame set, sizes S 43-XXL 63 cm

no-imgCrossmaxx Pinion

29" Mountain / All Terrain Edition - availbale as complete bike or frame set, sizes S 43-XXL 63 cm

no-imgRacemaxx Pinion 29"


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