MAXX Bikes & Components GmbH

MAXX revolutionises bicycle coding

For many years, the so-called "ADFC coding", which resulted from a cooperation with the police, was the state of the art. With all the known problems, such as the sometimes difficult determination of the code for new street names, its invariability in the event of a change of owner, frame or place of residence, or the largely lacking willingness to cooperate on the part of the police.

These times are now over: MAXX has developed its own cloud-based coding and registration system, which is optionally applied to each wheel or frame under transparent powder coating. Each alpha-numeric code is uniquely and exclusively linked to a bike and is entered during the online registration of the bike or frame.

In accordance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO), only the registered owner can access the registration data via a password. At, however, it is possible to publicly enquire at any time whether a normal registration exists for a requested code or whether the bike has been set to "Stolen" by its registered owner in his or her registration.

Thanks to the internet platform, finding the owner is easy and super-fast, e.g. if you find an abandoned bike or intend to buy a second-hand bike. The owner, in turn, can clearly identify himself as the rightful owner with the MAXX registration data - with all relevant data such as address, date of purchase, dealer, frame and production number, optionally even with Rohloff hub number.

The advantage of this new coding system is obvious: free MAXX service, worldwide validity, 24-hour accessibility, internet-based registration, change of ownership possible at any time by changing the registration.

This bike is registered to its owner.

To ensure data protection, only authorised persons can access the registration information. To do this, you need the registration number of the bike, which is only known to the owner of the bike and MAXX. If you want to find out the owner of the bike, you would have to inform MAXX by email, stating the justified reason and giving the (found) address of the bike with contact person, telephone number and address. We will then notify the owner - who will contact you.