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The battery of your e-bike is only minimally charged upon delivery. It is therefore important that you fully charge it before your first ride.

Would you like to download a manual or instructions for one of our bikes, instructions for certain components from other manufacturers or wallpapers? Click "View More" to read the full article.

The frame geometry of the XS frame size does not allow large 29-inch wheels. On the other hand, smaller wheels in 27.5 inches (650 b) enable a balanced ratio to suit the respective body size and ideal driving behavior.

Bicycle trailers: Please note that the operation of bicycle trailers is only permitted with hardtails and there only via a professional coupling to the rear wheel axle. Under no circumstances, however, via an attachment to the seat post or luggage carrier. Full-suspension bikes (fullies) are generally excluded from the operation of bicycle trailers.

MAXX performs professional surface retreading of high-quality frames, rigid forks, swingarms and other add-on parts made of aluminum or steel - regardless of brand. We have state-of-the-art facilities for this, such as chemical paint stripping, blasting, chemical pre-treatment and, of course, a high-performance powder coating plant.

Please note: During the peak season March-October, we unfortunately do not perform frameclinic orders.


Every change to a configuration that is saved generates a new configuration code. With this configuration code, you can call up your configuration from any device at any time.

If you send your configuration to a friend and the friend then makes changes to the configuration, a new configuration code is created when he or she saves or orders the configuration.

Clincher tires
A clincher tire is now the normal case for a bicycle tire, at least in the trekking segment. The wire ring in the tire bead prevents the tire from expanding under pressure and thus jumping off the rim.

Folding tire
The folding tire is a special case of the clincher tire and is mainly used in the high-quality segment. Here the wire is replaced by a bundle of Kevlar threads. This allows the tire to be folded up and, depending on the size of the tire, is around 50-90 g lighter.

Tubeless tires
If tubeless is desired, you can order this separately.
Attention: Tubeless Easy tires are not automatically tubeless - that is just the Schwalbe designation of the compatible tire types (TLE, TLR, etc.). Only when you select tubeless under "wheel" in the wheel configuration will the bike be upgraded to tubeless compatible. In the case of shipping bikes, the bikes are delivered with a tube and can be converted with the supplied material.
With tubeless tires (= tubeless system), a bicycle tube is not required. Tires and rims are designed in such a way that they seal directly against one another. This requires special rims, tires, rim tapes, valves and a sealing liquid. The tubeless system in the bicycle sector has many advantages such as speed, comfort, girp and puncture resistance. Unnecessary friction between the tire and tube is avoided. In addition, the system is now mature and suitable for the masses.

Boost is basically a standard that is open to all manufacturers and describes the dimensions of the rear wheel hub, front wheel hub and crank of the mountain bike (MTB).
The rear hub grows from 142 to 148mm and the front hub from 100 to 110mm width. At the same time, the chain line moves further outwards, which is why Boost also makes adjustments to cranks and chainrings necessary. The crank width remains unchanged.
Boost is a completely new standard that is not compatible with 110/20 or 100/15.

  • The range depends on a number of important factors: topography, headwind, outside temperature, body weight, cadence. The most important factor, however, is your own wattage, which you are ready or able to control! In addition, it is crucial how you use the support modes of the motor and how much altitude you climb.
  • During our tests with bikes that use the SHIMANO EP8, we were able to cover a maximum of 210 km in Eco mode.
  • During our tests with bikes that use the Brose S Mag, we were able to cover a maximum of 140 km in eco mode.
  • During our tests with bikes that use the FAZUA, we were able to cover a maximum of 95 km in eco mode.

You can find the weight information directly on the configuration page of the respective e-bike.

The weights given in the weight calculator have been compiled with the utmost care and are usually based on information from our suppliers, which is why deviations of up to 10% are possible.

Our lightest e-bike, the Roadmaxx ELF, weighs just 16.25 kg.

Ultralight, weatherproof, 100% noiseless thanks to the crossed installation and with a clean look - these are the advantages of cables laid inside. If a cable change is necessary, this can be done depending on the bike, but mostly through the inspection opening on the bottom bracket.

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