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You can order ABUS key code keys directly from www.abus.com by specifying the key code number of your code card. Your replacement key will be with you quickly and easily.

Cold and heat reduce the performance of the battery. Extreme temperatures can irreparably destroy the battery. The battery is a sensitive and expensive component of your e-bike. Be sure to observe the minimum and maximum operating and charging temperatures specified in the operating instructions.
Depending on the manufacturer, these are approximately: charging min. 0°C to max. 45°C and 
in operation min. minus 10°C to max. plus 50°C.
At low temperatures below 10°C, a battery can lose some capacity, which only affects the current range and increases again when it gets warmer. 
During winter operation at temperatures below five degrees, it is advisable to remove the battery from the bike, store it at room temperature and only reinsert it in the e-bike shortly before setting off. After the ride or for longer breaks of more than 10 minutes, ideally remove the battery and store it indoors at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C or recharge it. 
Do not expose the e-bike and the electrical components to pressurised water or steam jets. The bike, the electronics, the motor and also the battery inside the bike are adequately protected against normal splash water, as occurs when cycling in heavy rain. After riding in heavy rain, allow the bike to dry off and remove the battery before washing the bike. Protect the power contacts with a little pole grease once or twice a year.
Do not drop the battery or damage the housing. 

In the event of a defect in your Fazua system, you can contact the Fazua service directly. Fazua handles your service case directly.

Bikes and e-bikes without batteries can be wintered indoors or outdoors as long as they are protected from snow, rain, extreme sun and extreme temperatures. Perfect if you have a garage or space for your bike in the basement.
Remove the battery from your e-bike if it is not going to be used for a long period of time (winter) and store it at about 50% capacity in a dry place at 10° to 15° degrees. Never store the battery at less than 20% or more than 80% capacity for weeks.

Due to the higher frame weight and the greater forces caused by the electric drive, some components such as B. the chain can be replaced a little earlier than with a normal bike. We therefore advise you to have your e-bike serviced every six months

You have two years of statutory warranty from the respective manufacturer on all spring elements, with the exception of wearing parts such as lubricants, bushings and seals. You can find more information on our Guarantee & Warranty page.

  • Please note: MAXX guarantees that privately used MAXX products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a total of 10 years, identified and identified by the MAXX logo, in particular the frame. We grant a 100% guarantee up to and including the 5th year from the date of purchase or the date of registration; after the 5th year up to and including the 10th year from the date of registration, we charge a user share of 50% of the sales price valid at the time of damage of the exchange part. In return, the customer receives a state-of-the-art component. MAXX will, at its option, replace or repair the defective component for a product of the same or equivalent value or a successor product; subsequent improvements are permitted. Frame from MAXX.
  • If there is a warranty claim for a component from another manufacturer, please contact the relevant manufacturer directly. In the event of a MAXX warranty claim, we calculate the costs for shipping, the conversion in the MAXX workshop and for the required working time. You do not incur any costs for the replaced material (frame or fork). You are also welcome to make use of other MAXX services as part of a warranty claim. The costs for this will be billed to you separately.

The charging time depends on the total capacity to be charged or Ah (ampere hours) of the battery and the charging current in A (ampere) of the charger. These values are written on the devices. Battery Ah divided by charger A plus charge loss gives the duration in hours. 

Shimano EP8 DARFON battery with 36.3 volts / 20 Ah / 726 Wh (nominal) is charged with a DARFON Smart Charger with a little over 5 amps results in a little over 4 hours from 0% to 100% with charge loss.
FAZUA RIDE 60 with 43.2 V / 9.6 Ah / 439 Wh battery charged with 3A results in over three hours charging time.
An empty battery is initially charged faster and from about 80% is charged with less charging current. A programming regarding charging time is not possible. A timer at the outlet can simply help to disconnect the battery from the charging current before 100%.

Current lithium-ion batteries are reliable for many years with good care, proper storage and handling. The BMS (Battery Management System) also protects the battery from excessive temperatures due to operation, overloading and deep discharge. Depending on riding and charging behaviour, charging cycles and experienced temperature conditions, etc., a battery can function well for well over 5 years in the bike. After around 500 - 700 charging cycles, about 80% of the original capacity can usually be used and therefore less range is normal. The battery wears out due to the intensity of your use, charging practice, temperatures experienced by the cells and also according to the calendar. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact service life.

If there is a problem with your Maxx product, we ask you to contact your Maxx dealer or sales contract partner, from whom you purchased the product, along with the proof of purchase, which also includes the configuration code, and to show them the error. They will check the whole thing and can then contact our service team to find a solution. If your sales contract partner no longer exists, please contact an alternative Maxx dealer or contact our service department.
Find a dealer on our website here: www.maxx.de

Even for short distances of the e-bike on the bike carrier remove the battery! This saves your arms the unnecessary weight when loading and unloading the bike and the wheel carrier, etc. is less stressed. Stow the battery safely in the trunk out of sunlight.

And now out into nature and have fun with your new e-bike from MAXX

The battery can generally be recharged without complications, but you should consider the following important points for a long life of the energy bar:

- Charge a new battery to 100% without interruption before the first ride. Before doing so, "wake up" the battery and follow the LED instructions. 
- Do not charge in cold below 0 degrees or in heat above 30 degrees. Optimal temperature is 10 to 15 degrees.
- Do not fully charge again after a 5 km ride to the bakery.
- Do not start a longer tour when the battery level is below 30%. Recharge before
- Also one hour intermediate charge during a coffee break on a long tour is ok. And bring back 30-40% for the next meters of altitude.
- The battery feels best at a charge level between 30% and 60%.
- Note the LED indications on the battery and on the charger regarding the state of the battery.
- One charge cycle is from 0% to 100% charge. 4x 25% charge is also a complete charge cycle. 
- Do not intentionally run the battery below 20% remaining charge. 
- If it is not necessary, save the battery over 80% charge. 
- If you use only 15% battery each day on your usual trips, then it is also enough to recharge only every third or fourth day.
- Interrupting the charging process does not harm the battery
- Do not leave the charger and battery unattended during charging. A smoke detector in the room is advisable
- Only use the original charger
- When charging is complete, disconnect the charger plug from the battery and disconnect the charger from the mains.

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