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Order status

Use the field above to get the estimated production date. Please note that your bike will be produced on this date and this date is not a binding delivery date. The bike will then be shipped or prepared for collection.


Now the time has come: Your bike has made it into production! Your bike will now go through the following stages and will then be sent to you or your dealer.

Powder coating
Your frame first goes through the powder coating process. Here, in a complex process, your frame is powder coated, decals are applied and a protective clear coat is applied over your frame.

Wheel building:
Your wheel is built by hand: You can find everything else about our wheel building HERE.

All parts of your bike are now picked. Usually there are about 50 single parts.

Your frame is ready for assembly, all parts are ready. You are ready to go! Our mechanics assemble your bike and adjust everything perfectly: gears, brakes, cockpit...

Quality control
The last step before shipping is the quality control. Here we check the function of your bike as well as the correctness of all parts. Our staff has to check more than 100 points.

Shipping or collection
If you have chosen shipping, your bike will be partially disassembled (handlebars, saddle, front wheel) and securely packed in a box. Once it has made the journey to you or your dealer, you will be notified by email and can arrange your personal delivery date.
When you pick up your bike, you will receive an email and can conveniently arrange your pick-up date via our contact form. The bike will then be ready for you, fully assembled and, if desired, adjusted to your needs.


We have developed a special box for shipping your bike. This guarantees that your bike will arrive undamaged. The price for the bike box is included in the shipping costs and will not be charged additionally.

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