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Mobility guarantee

MAXX bikes are premium products - robust and durable. We accompany you also many years after the purchase as a reliable partner with a warranty far beyond the legal framework.

a)10 years extended MAXX manufacturer's warranty on frames and rigid forks

The extended MAXX manufacturer's warranty is a voluntary warranty service that does not affect the statutory warranty rights in any way.
The extended MAXX manufacturer's warranty applies to all registered MAXX wheels and MAXX frames - this includes installed Maxx rigid forks. All other installed components are covered by the warranty of a respective brand manufacturer or the legal warranty rights.

What is the scope of the extended warranty of the bicycle manufacturer MAXX?


  • MAXX guarantees for a total of 10 years that privately used MAXX bikes with MAXX frames and MAXX rigid forks are free of defects in workmanship and materials. Up to and including the 5th year from the date of purchase or registration date, we provide 100% warranty, after the 5th year up to and including the 10th year from the date of registration, we charge a usage fee equal to 50% of the retail price of the replacement part valid at the time of the damage.
  • MAXX reserves the right to replace or repair a defective component with an equivalent or equal product or successor product- rework is permitted. The warranty service does not include necessary add-on parts such as shock absorbers or additional costs such as conversion or freight costs. In the case of a required e-bike system upgrade, the costs are to be borne by the customer.
  • If an exchange or repair is not possible, MAXX reserves the right to refund the purchase price in deduction of a usage fee against return of the bike. The usage fee is determined based on the market depreciation of bicycles per year or part thereof from the date of purchase. See table:

After the 1st year 20%
After the 2nd year 35
After the 3rd year 50%
After the 4th year 60%
After the 5th year 70%
After the 6th year 80%
After the 7th year 85
After the 8th year 90%
After the 9th year 95%


How do I get the extended warranty?


  • If you register your MAXX bike or MAXX frameset within 30 days using your individual configuration code under " Registration Bike/Frame", you will automatically receive an owner passport, which is a prerequisite for the extended manufacturer warranty of 10 years.

When does the extended manufacturer's warranty expire or not apply?

  • If registration is not completed within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • If maintenance is not carried out at the prescribed service intervals as described in the care and maintenance instructions.
  • In the event of improper use and failure to follow the operating, care and maintenance instructions provided and acknowledged at the time of purchase.
  • For corrosion.
  • For coating or visual defects which are not due to defects in materials and workmanship.
  • In case of change of ownership.
  • In the event of (preliminary) damage due to a fall, accident or transport damage.
  • In case of modification of the delivered specification of the wheel, e.g. by subsequent assembly of components not approved by MAXX.
  • In case of force majeure, or events for which MAXX is not responsible.
  • In case of defects, which result from consequential damages, after the defect, which occurred for the first time, was not immediately examined and repaired or eliminated by MAXX or by another specialized company. The specialized company must decide from his expertise on the further procedure, if necessary prohibit the further use of the wheel or a component for safety reasons.
  • If a warranty claim has already been processed, it is not possible to extend the warranty for the new frame or fork. The warranty period is not affected by this.
  • My damage is not covered by the extended manufacturer warranty?
  • MAXX also supports its customers in the event of damage caused by accidents or misuse that is not covered by the warranty. For this purpose, we offer favorable exchange prices for all privately used MAXX products, identified and marked by the MAXX logo. Accordingly, MAXX grants each registered customer a crash replacement discount of 50% on the current sales price for a period of 10 years against return of the defective component.

(b)Warranty and guarantee of third party components

What are the regulations for components from third-party manufacturers?

  • The 24-month legal warranty regulation of the respective manufacturer applies to components of other brand manufacturers. If a manufacturer offers an extended manufacturer's warranty, MAXX will assign this warranty to the buyer without acknowledging any legal obligation. If the bike was not purchased directly from MAXX, the handling of the extended manufacturer's warranty of these components - without recourse to MAXX - takes place between the dealer and the responsible service center of the respective brand manufacturer.

Services of third party suppliers or third party manufacturers

  • Services that are not performed in-house by Maxx are covered by the warranty of a manufacturer-authorized service provider and are assigned to the customer without acknowledgement of any legal obligation.

(c)How do I submit or file a warranty or guarantee claim?

  • To submit a warranty or guarantee claim, please use our contact form. Please have all required documents such as proof of purchase, owner's passport and service records ready. If you purchased the product from one of our dealers, please contact them directly. If your dealer no longer exists, you can contact another MAXX dealer.


Status 02.02.2022

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