Mobility guarantee

MAXX bikes are premium products - robust and durable. We will support you as a reliable partner for many years after the purchase and prove this with a comprehensive worldwide spare parts service and guarantee that goes far beyond the legal framework and an accommodating crash replacement regulation.

1. Warranty and manufacturer's guarantee

a) 10 year guarantee on MAXX products
MAXX guarantees that privately used MAXX products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a total of 10 years, identified and identified by the MAXX logo, especially the frame. We grant a 100% guarantee up to and including the 5th year from the date of registration; after the 5th year up to and including the 10th year from the date of registration, we charge a user share of 50% of the current sales price of the replacement part at the time of the damage. In return, the customer receives a state-of-the-art component. MAXX will, at its option, replace or repair the defective component with products of the same or equivalent value or successor products; subsequent improvements are permitted. The prerequisite for this comprehensive guarantee is the registration of the bike and the annual service by a specialist company as documented on the back of this booklet in the service log. The guarantee does not include any add-on parts such as dampers and no ancillary costs such as conversion or freight costs. If the date of registration deviates from the date of delivery from MAXX to the dealer by more than 1 month, the delivery date to the dealer applies. The statutory warranty applies to wearing parts and safety-relevant components such as handlebars - named in the MAXX operating instructions - as well as in all points that are not specifically regulated here.

b) 24 months statutory warranty on components from other brand manufacturers
The statutory warranty regulations apply to components from other brand manufacturers - e.g. Shimano, Sram, Magura, Mavic. Some manufacturers offer an extended manufacturer's guarantee, which MAXX assigns to the buyer without recognizing any legal obligation. If the bike was not obtained directly from us, the guarantee processing of these components - without recourse to MAXX - takes place between the specialist dealer and the responsible service point of the respective brand manufacturer.

The warranty and manufacturer guarantee expire or do not apply

  • in the absence of evidence of regular service by a specialist company
  • in the event of improper use and failure to follow these operating, care and maintenance instructions that were handed over and acknowledged at the time of purchase.
  • When changing the delivered specification of the wheel, indicated by the supplied parts list, e.g. through subsequent assembly of components not approved by MAXX. >> for wear parts such as chains, sprockets, brake pads, rim flanks in connection with rim brakes, tires, tubes, brake and shift cables with sleeves.
  • in the event of a change of ownership
  • in the event of (pre-) damage to components due to a fall, accident or transport damage.
  • in the event of force majeure or events for which MAXX or the seller are not responsible.
  • in the case of defects that result from consequential damage after the defect that occurred for the first time has not been examined and repaired or replaced immediately >> at MAXX or another specialist company. The specialist company must decide on the further procedure based on its specialist knowledge and, if necessary, prohibit further use of the bike or a component for safety reasons.

2. Crash Replacement

MAXX also supports its products in the event of damage caused by accidents or incorrect use that are not covered by the guarantee. We offer favorable exchange prices for all privately used MAXX products, identified and marked with the MAXX logo. Thereafter, MAXX grants every registered customer a crash replacement discount of 50% on the current sales price for a period of 10 years in return for free return of the defective component. We also grant cheap exchange prices for third-party branded products, e.g. wheels, forks etc.

3. Spare parts supply - worldwide

We won't let you down, even in the remotest corner of the world, and guarantee you a worldwide supply of spare parts at market prices and market express transport costs within 72 hours - the place of delivery should be an official postal address.

As of October 20, 2010