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MAXX - Custombikes


Since 1993, MAXX has been committed to the motto of crafting custom bicycles for their customers. The bicycle manufacturer from Rosenheim has always understood the importance of details. Every individual is unique and has specific needs. For this reason, MAXX has developed a unique concept: offering bicycles based on a configuration principle - an approach previously only known in the automotive industry. With this approach, MAXX has revolutionized the bicycle industry.



What do we do?

We build bikes according to customer requests!


Our MAXX Modular Bike System, in conjunction with the online configurator, allows you to customize your bike according to your preferences. All bike models are available in different classes, each of which comes fully equipped and ready to ride. Furthermore, for each class, there are optional equipment variations, known as upgrades, to fine-tune your desired bike. Our online configurator ensures that you can easily, clearly, and quickly configure and estimate the cost of your desired bike or frame.

How do we do it?

Every bike is unique!


For each bike to be produced, we begin by creating an individual parts list that meticulously outlines every single component and step of the process. Each frame is handcrafted individually, powder-coated in the customer's chosen color using a special process, preserving it for a long time to come. In addition, every wheel is hand-checked to ensure a perfect balance. Finally, there's the assembly stage, where the individually coated frame, wheels, and all other components sorted according to the parts list are carefully assembled and meticulously adjusted to be ready to ride. Our approach is different: Time is not the ultimate measure of success for us; it's the attention to detail and the love for what we do.

MAXX: Powder Coating by Specialists from Rosenheim


As a proud bicycle manufacturer from Rosenheim, we prioritize the highest quality and precision at every step of our production. Powder coating is a widely used process in modern industry and is integral to the manufacturing of our bicycle frames. This process is known for its longevity, durability, and aesthetics, and it is of utmost importance to us. In our facility in Rosenheim, we have a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated exclusively to the powder coating of our bicycle frames.


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