Shimano EP600 motorsystem


The Shimano EP600 Motor


With the compact EP600 drive unit, you electrify your next sporting adventure and benefit from seamless and always timely pedal-assist support. The newly defined support, extended system connectivity, and compatibility with Shimano's new shifting technologies offer a more intuitive experience for all riders. With the natural pedal feel and extensive connectivity of the Shimano EP600 mid-motor system, you can enjoy sporty off-road adventures. As a US Class 1 device, it provides 85 Nm of customized pedal-assist support for speeds up to 25 km/h. Natural and customized support performance through a lightweight, quiet, and compact motor with the same low internal resistance as the DU-EP801.


Concise key features:


85 Nm maximum torque

Maximum assistance ratio: 410%

Total weight of 3.0 kg

4 support modes (Walk/Eco/Trail/Boost)

Mechanical walk assist enhanced with intelligent walk assist (Di2)



The control units include

Shimano EM800


An all-in-one package includes a color display with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, a light On/Off switch, walk-assist function, and the ability to customize assistance levels and modes using the Shimano Ride app to suit your specific needs.

Shimano SCE-5003


A compact combination of switch and display that conveniently presents essential information with a simple thumb click.


726 Wh battery


With the new 726 Wh battery, you can embark on long and hilly rides, ensuring you have the energy for every adventure. Thanks to the new 21700 cell architecture, it's possible to provide 726 Wh of power at a significantly lower weight, weighing only 3.8 kg. Securely nestled, the battery is integrated into the downtube, both safe and aesthetically pleasing, even in challenging terrain. The easily removable battery can be charged on the bike or directly at the battery itself. For car transport, theft prevention, easier handling, or occasional non-assisted cycling, the battery can be permanently removed. However, the downtube can still be securely sealed with the new high-quality aluminum cover.


Only 3.8 kg in weight

Safely and elegantly integrated into the downtube

Easily removable for car transport and theft prevention

Battery cover in frame color


Customize your Ride - E-Tube Project App

Control everything using the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App, from the level of assistance to the AUTO SHIFT settings. You can conveniently configure the settings directly through the app and tailor them to your riding style and personal preferences. Furthermore, you have the option to save your settings in two different profiles and switch between them during your ride.

With 15 customization modes, the ability to tailor your AUTO SHIFT and FREE SHIFT settings for DEORE XT Di2 and CUES Di2, and the option to update firmware wirelessly, the app provides the highest level of personalization to take your e-bike experience to the next level.


15 customization modes


Wireless firmware updates


Configure your customized MAXX - EP600

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