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Bike manufacture

"Care and love of details are our measure of all things, not the time factor"

XXL Bikes & Framesets....

Since more than 15 years MAXX is specialized in bike solutions for XXL bikers - our bikes are sold worldwide. XXL Bikers are considered to be over 100 kgs or over 190 cm. We guarantee an individual, best fitting bike solution - as a complete bike or as a frameset only. For Mountain Bike, Hybridbike, Trekking 28/29", All Terrain 26", Commuter Bikes or Pedelec/Ebike. Our standard production frame sizes go up to 215 cm body size. How to get a MAXX Bike? We know how hard it is to get the right XXL stuff from local dealers. Therefore you can order direct at MAXX. We have a special consulting hotline for XXL Bikers. And we ship direct to any place you live - including all the other XXL related products such as helmets, clothing, shoes etc.
Special informations for XXL Bikers follow this link > >

All Mountain

29" Bike & Frameset upto XXL 60 cm

Jinxx 29"

B Plus Bike & Frameset upto XXL 60 cm 

Jinxx B Plus



29" Enduro bike & frame upto XXL

no-imgFAB4 29"



MTB Hardtail

27.5" Hardtails Bike & Framesets, sizes L-3XL - optionally chain, hub and Gates belt drive

Racemaxx 27.5"

29"  Hardtails Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 4XL - optionally chain or hub drive

Racemaxx 29"

B Plus Hardtail Bikes & Framesets, sizes upto 4XL

no-img Racemaxx B Plus

29"  Hardtail Bike & Frameset, sizes upto 3XL - optionally with Gates drive

no-imgRacemaxx 29" Pinion




Full Suspension - complete bike or frame set, sizes upto XXL 60 cm


Hardtail, chaindrive version - complete bike or frame set upto XXL 60 cm


Rohloff XL hubdrive version; available - complete bike or frame set, sizes upto XXL 60 cm, optionally with Gates beltdrive

no-img Jagamoasta Rohloff

Commuter and Travelbikes 28/29"

Hardtail Bikes & Framesets, sizes upto 4XL - optionally chain or hub and drive


Randonneur 28" Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 3XL, 208 cm

ROADMAXX Randonneur

28/29" Pinion Bikes & Framesets, sizes upto 3XL, 208 cm

no-img CROSSMAXX Pinion

Fitness & Gravel Bikes

Hardtail Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 3XL, optionally with road bar




Bike shoes XXL

Shimano sizes upto 52
99.95 Euro - can be ordered directly in our configurator

Shimano SH-M089L


Helmets / Rucksack XXL

Helmet Uvex Oversize 61-65
89.95 Euro - can be ordered directly in our configurator

Uvex Oversize

Extra long back section, 30 l  129,95 Euro - can be ordered with MAXX configurator

Deuter Transalp 30 EL



Informations for XXL Bikers

Informations for XXL Bikers

over 100 kg in weight and / or over 190 cm in height

If you as a tall and/or heavy person are planning a new bike, then you should pay attention to this information. We have written down what we have learned over so many years of experience as a XXL-Bike specialist with due consideration of the knowledge we have gained from tandem biking. Of course ergonomics and the load-bearing capacity of the bike play a more significant role for this customer group due to high body weight – usually in conjunction with height – than they do for any other customer group.

  1. General considerations
    1. The MAXX Modular Bike System always starts in each class with a basic configuration serving as the basis for your personal custom bike. Numerous upgrades are based on ergonomic and body-specific equipment possibilities. Light-weight bikers and female cyclists in particular can slim down their bike with weight optimized options; tall and heavy bikers on the other hand will make every effort to put an ergonomic and high-load capacity "XXL" package together.
    2. Safe and trouble-free biking is only ensured if our recommendations are taken into consideration. Obtain your dealer's advice, but in the final analysis you are responsible for the decision. Nevertheless in extreme cases we reserve the right to not deliver a bike if the selected configuration is not suitable for your body weight or your body height.
    3. Due to their special requirements relative to ergonomics and load-bearing capacity XXL bikes have a significantly higher level of equipment, and consequently they cost somewhat more unfortunately. But it is a worthwhile investment. You are certainly already aware of this from other areas of life.
  1. Requirements imposed on load-bearing capacity:
    1. Weight optimization is taboo: All weight optimization upgrades are absolutely taboo; besides they don't make sense – projected over the total weight of bike + biker!
    2. Hardtail instead of full-suspension: Given its redundant construction, a hardtail is better able to bear continuous stress than is a full suspension bike - the limit for a full-suspension bike is around 115 kg body weight!

Tip: If it has to be full suspension, then please only go for FAB 4  offering a maximum load capacity, even in the limit area

    1. Wheel size 26", 27.5", 28", 29"? The more weight the smaller the wheel! This proven rule is important for riders over 100 kg, because wheels and fork are much more stable and more compact due to smaller dimensions.
    2. Maximum braking performance: Always choose the most powerful brake available for the type of bike you want to ride with. If possible, use hydraulic disc brakes - especially whenever you consider to ride in steep hills or mountain passes, with heavy travel baggage or trailers. Rim brakes for XXL bikers are critical due to their limited braking power and due to the danger of the sudden tube tear in the valve area.A 200 mm front and 180 mm rear disc has proven best disc set-up.
    3. Chain drive instead of gear hub: Except for the Rohloff Speedhub, which has proven ideal for XXL bike use, other internal gear hubs can not be recommended due to the high loads on the gear system.
    4. Safe stem/handlebar systems: Starting with a rider weight of 100 kg, particularly off road, Syntace VRO handlebar/stem systems should be mounted. They are the most stable on the market and guaranteed against breakage upto 180 kg riders weight.
    5. Stable wheels: Instead of wheels trimmed for light-weight, only use wheels that are manufactured with handcrafted skill! Wider tires help your bike maintain necessary tracking stability and they prevent flats. A wider tire however should also run on a wider rim,preferably with 36 Spoke, if available. Light inner tubes or light competition tires with thin carcasses are taboo. Handmade tubeless systems have proven good choice.
    1. Suspension fork: No significant suspension fork maker guarantees more than 120 kg riders weight. All Mountain forks with 15 or 20 mm throught axle are best choice for XXL riders. Never use light weight trimmed forks.
    2. rigid fork: For Trekking and All Terrain bikes a rigid steel fork (f.e MAXX Steel Hammer) has proven best choice for heavy riders. Never use lightweight alloy or carbon forks.
  1. Ergonomic requirements:
    1. A more upright riding position:Most XXL riders complain of back problems. Get help (in addition to strengthening back and stomach muscles) use all the upgrades to bring the handlebar higher and closer to the body. The VRO stem/handlebar system from Syntace is particularly well suited in this regard. Or only use a steeper stem angle and / or handlebar with greater offset.
    2. Handlebar grips: Broad support surfaces on the handlebars have proven to be ideal.

Tip:Ergon grips

    1. Saddle: XXL riders need more support on a saddle. So choose a larger and wider saddle.
    2. Seat post: Only use double clamp seatposts. If you consider a suspension seatpost, be sure its spring rate will take your weight. Using an diameter adapter along with a seatpost, be sure it will go min.120 mm into the seat tube.
    1. Pedals with wider support surface: For safe pedaling and to avoid foot pain from shoe size 48 use wide Freeride or Ergon pedals.
  1. Rules of caution after purchase:
    1. Due to the higher loads on components it is important to have the bike regularly serviced and inspected for damaged parts, by an expert – particularly wheels, brakes, handlebar/stem, and saddle post. Strictly comply with the maximum service life of safety-relevant components as specified in our operating manual; if possible the service life specified should be underranged.

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