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Bike manufacture

"Care and love of details are our measure of all things, not the time factor"

XXL Bikes & Framesets by MAXX

Since more than 15 years MAXX is specialized in bike solutions for XXL bikers - our bikes are sold worldwide. XXL Bikers are considered to be over 100 kgs or over 190 cm. We guarantee an individual, best fitting bike solution - as a complete bike or as a frameset only. For Mountain Bike, Gravelbike, Trekking 28/29", Commuter or E-bikes. Our standard production frame sizes go up to 215 cm body size. How to get a MAXX Bike? We know how hard it is to get the right XXL stuff from local dealers. Therefore you can order direct at MAXX. We have a special consulting hotline for XXL Bikers. And we ship direct to any place you live. Check our helpful informations for tall and heavy bikers below.

XXL All Mountain

29" Bike & Frameset; upto XXL or 206 cm

Jinxx 29"



XXL Enduro

29" Enduro bike & frame upto XXL or 206 cm

no-imgFAB4 29"



XXL MTB Hardtail

29"  Hardtails Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 4XL or 210 cm - optionally chain or hub drive

Racemaxx 29"

29"  Hardtail Bike & Frameset, sizes upto 3XL or 206 cm - optionally with Gates drive

no-imgRacemaxx 29" Pinion


XXL Fatbikes

Full Suspension - complete bike or frame set, sizes upto XXL 60 cm or 206 cm


Hardtail, chaindrive version - complete bike or frame set upto XXL 60 cm or 206 cm


Rohloff XL hubdrive version; available - complete bike or frame set, sizes upto XXL 60 cm or 206 cm, optionally with Gates beltdrive

no-img Jagamoasta Rohloff

XXL Commuter & Travelbikes 28/29"

Hardtails Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 4XL or 210 cm - optionally chain or hub and drive


Randonneur 28" Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 3XL or 206 cm

ROADMAXX Randonneur

28/29" Pinion Bikes & Framesets, sizes upto 3XL or 206 cm

no-img CROSSMAXX Pinion

XXL Gravel bikes

Hardtail Bike & Framesets, sizes upto 3XL or 206 cm, optionally with dropbar





Helpful Informations for XXL Bikers

Biker over 100 kg and / or 195 cm body height

If you are a tall or heavy biker planning a new bike, then you should definitely consider these informations. We have written down our many years of experience with many satisfied customers in this segment for you. No other clientele is so interested in the ergonomics and load capacity of the bike due to its large body size - usually in combination with high body weight.

The current situation is paradoxical: Most bicycle and bicycle component manufacturers limit the use of their product to 120 kg "system weight" - i.e. bike + rider weight. For the rider there is often only 100 kg left, for the bike significantly less! An absurdity, which also contradicts the reality outside on the market. In addition, there are virtually no ergonomically suitable bikes and frames available on the market for people over 195 cm tall. It is irresponsible with which bikes this group of buyers is released from the bicycle shops into the terrain or onto the road.

On the other hand, some bike manufacturers promise maximum load weights of up to 180 kg! How is that supposed to go well? Test standards for heavy-duty bicycles, including freight bicycles or tandems, do not (yet) exist. The heavyweight consumer must therefore unfortunately act on his own responsibility and entrust an experienced specialist with the composition of his bike.

General considerations

The MAXX configuration system starts with a basic configuration as the basis for an individual dream bike. Numerous upgrades refer to ergonomic and body specific equipment options. Lightweight bikers can slim down their bikes with weight-optimising options; tall and heavy riders, on the other hand, will do their utmost to put together an ergonomic and resilient "XXL" package from the basic equipment.    

From the countless "tales of suffering" we know how bad the quality of advice and availability in bike shops is when it comes to the right bike for a tall and heavy person. That is why we have written these lines for you. We also know how right we have been for years with our recommendations when it came to equipping a tall and heavy person with the right bike.

Let us or one of our authorized dealers advise you, but in the end you decide on your own responsibility. However, in extreme cases we reserve the right not to deliver a bike if the chosen configuration is unsuitable for your body weight or height. Our configurator also adjusts each bike model specifically from a certain maximum body weight and makes a selection no longer possible or only in connection with special upgrades.

Bikes with "XXL- specification have a much higher equipment level due to their special requirements for ergonomics and load capacity and therefore unfortunately cost a little more. But the investment is well invested. As a large / heavy driver, you are probably familiar with this from other areas of life.

Demands on the load capacity:

  • Weight reduction is taboo: Upgrades for weight reduction (with the exception of tubeless) are absolutely taboo and absurd anyway - extrapolated to the total weight of bike + rider!
  • Hardtail instead of Full Suspension: A Hardtail is more durable than a Full Suspension bike due to its redundant construction - limit for a Full Suspension bike is 110 kgs riders weight incl. clothing and backpack! A hardtail can take a riders weight of 130 kgs.
  • Maximum braking performance through disc brakes: Use 4-piston disc brakes only, especially MTB discs with large diameters are mandatory, ideal are 200 mm front and 180 mm rear. Disc brakes offer a significantly higher braking performance, continuous load capacity and safety, especially in connection with panniers, trailers and in the alpine area.
  • Sturdy wheel set: Only use wheels built according to proven craftsmanship! System wheels trimmed for weight do not withstand the load. Wider tires and rims also help the bike to keep on track and avoid punctures. Tubeless systems also prevent the tube from being trapped or destroyed in the rim flange.
  • Seat posts: The critical point is the transition between seat tube and top tube. Here it is to be noted that the support in the seat tube has no unnecessary play and is under no circumstances pulled out over the engraved maximum. Never use adapters on spring-loaded seat posts.
  • Suspension fork: Only use suspension forks with 15 mm thru axle. More than 120 kg "system weight" (bike + rider) is currently not approved by any manufacturer, but due to good experience massive Freeride and All Mountain forks are suitable - but on your own responsibility!

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