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Powdercoating - the perfect new look for your motorcycle!

MAXX carries out a professional new or repainting of motorcycle frames, rims and all metallic attachments. First the surface is professionally removed from the old paint by blasting or chemical paint stripping, then sealed with a corrosion protection and powdercoated and baked at approx. 180 °C. You can choose from all RAL colours, attractive metallic, silver and gold colours. We also offer various degrees of gloss: high-gloss, glossy, dull matt or matt fine texture.  On request we offer undercoat optics such as airbrush, logos or signatures. The surface will look like new from the finish - except scratches or dents in the metal. The delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks.



The complete line

Depainting, Pre-treatment, Coating
Surface renovation

Our Services

Our prices and services:  All prices incl. 19 % VAT. Coating prices incl. paint stripping and pre-treatment

Based on many years of experience, we know that fixed prices can go very wrong, especially for restorations, orders with many small parts or numerous masking orders, to the disadvantage of the customer as well as for ourselves. We are professionals and only need as much time as necessary to process a workpiece lovingly and professionally. That's why the fairest solution is often to bill the customer according to the time and effort involved. Nevertheless, we have fixed prices for frequently performed activities for your orientation. In the case of coating orders with several parts, e.g. frames, swingarms and various attachments, or with complex masking orders, we always bill the customer in favour of the customer, in the example given according to the actual amount of work involved. We would also be happy to make you a preliminary offer, the best thing to do is to email us pictures with a detailed description.

Felgen Gesamt
2-Schicht, glänzend: schwarz, weiß; matt: schwarz, anthrazit, matt-Feinstruktur: schwarz 99 Eur/ Stück
3-Schicht, Chrome silber (Chrom Look), silber metallic, gold, High Gloss oder matt-Feinstruktur 150 Eur/ Stück
2-Schicht, RAL Farbe n. Wunsch RAL-Tabelle, glänzend 115 Eur/ Stück
3-Schicht, RAL Farbe n. Wunsch RAL-Tabelle, High Gloss oder matt-Feinstruktur 165 Eur/ Stück
Aufpreis für individuelle RAL Farbe  mit Metallic Effekt -  nur in Verbindung mit 3-fach Beschichtung 10 Eur / Stück
Rahmen, Auspuffanlage und sonstiges Gesamt
Hauptrahmen bis 100 cm Länge, 2-schichtig, schwarz stumpfmatt, matt-Feinstruktur o.glänzend, anthrazit matt 198 Eur
Hauptrahmen ab 100 cm Länge 2-schichtig, schwarz stumpfmatt, matt-Feinstruktur o. glänzend,  anthrazit matt 248 Eur
Schwinge 2-schichtig schwarz stumpfmatt, matt-Feinstruktur oder glänzend,  anthrazit matt 98 Eur
Tank (auch mit Logo / Signatur - siehe Abbildung oben) 98 Eur
Einzelteile (Lenker, Ständer, Träger, Fußrasten, etc) - Preis pro Stück 30 Eur max.
Auspuffanlage, Krümmer, Auspuff, Schalldämpfer, etc, bis zu 420°C hitzebeständige Spezialbeschichtung, schwarz matt-Feinstruktur (verchrohmte Oberflächen müssen vorher gegen Aufpreis komplett entchromt werden.  ab 78 Eur 
auf Anfrage
Logo / Signatur unter Klarlack (nach Vorlage *.ai, *.eps) geplottet 30 Eur
Kombi-Rabatt für mehrere Teile in gleicher Farbe pro Auftrag - 10 %
Aufpreis für 3.Transparent-Schicht (High Gloss oder matt-Feinstruktur) 25 %
Aufpreis für Effektfarben 3-schichtig (z.B.silber, gold, schwarz-metallic) 25 %
Aufpreis für individuelle RAL Farbe  30 Eur
Aufpreis für individuelle RAL Farbe , mit Metallic Effekt - nur in Verbindung mit einer 3. Transparentschicht 60 Eur
Arbeitszeit nach Regie inkl. Betriebsmittel und Standard-Farbe 66 Eur Std 
Airbrush-Artwork unter Klarlack - , nach Regie  
Entfernen von tiefen Schrammen und Kratzern im Aluminium, nach Regie  
Außergewöhnliche Abklebearbeiten, nach Regie  

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Order / Processing

Maxx carries out the work directly in our factory in Rosenheim. You must send us the parts or bring them personally; if you wish, we can also pick them up by parcel service. The costs are 9,50 Eur per parcel up to 31.5 kg, for frames or similar bulky parts 15 Eur per parcel up to 31.5 kg. Attention: In order to avoid damages in transit, use a frame carton for frames and a rim carton for rims (available from your local motorcycle dealer).

Our delivery address is:
MAXX Bikes & Components GmbH
Theodor Gietl Str 1
D - 83026 Rosenheim.

You will receive an order confirmation by email. Please place this in the shipment as an accompanying document so that we can allocate it. Payment will be made by prepayment or direct debit before return delivery.

If you do not want special areas powder-coated or blasted, you must document this to us in a masking plan in the form of a drawing or a picture, on which the places are marked.

Attention: Send us only unassembled parts made of steel, iron or aluminium - without attachments such as bearings, bushings or rubber or plastic connections. All connections must be welded, never glued. Filled, uneven surfaces, especially on tanks, are completely removed during the blasting process and cannot be reconstructed. Highly corroded parts are not accepted. Spoked wheels cannot be completely processed or coated (only send in rims!). Our general terms and conditions apply. MAXX does not assume any warranty for hidden defects or previous damage to the workpieces. In the case of multiple paint structures (e.g. primer + wet paint + powder paint), various paint stripping techniques must be applied one after the other, which cause additional expenditure or additional costs for paint stripping. We reserve the right to charge for this if necessary. 


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MAXX Bike World
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D - 83026 Rosenheim

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