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Bike manufacture

"Care and love of details are our measure of all things, not the time factor"

10 Years MAXX Guarantee

MAXX products are top quality and we offer further confirmation of this fact with a comprehensive guarantee that goes far beyond legal EU warranty requirements. Specifically we guarantee:

1. MAXX products

1st and 2nd year                 100 % full EU guarantee

Extended manufacturer’s guarantee after the 2nd year:

3rd year                                    15 %  own contribution
4th year                                    25 %
  own contribution
5th year                                    35 %  own contribution
6th year                                    45 %  own contribution
7th year                                    55 %  own contribution
8th year                                    65 %  own contribution
9th year                                    75 %  own contribution
10th year                                  85 %  own contribution

The guarantee includes manufacturing and material defects in MAXX products, designated and identified by the MAXX logo within the framework of statutory regulations. For safety-relevant components cited in the MAXX operating manual under item # 2, the statutory regulations apply with consideration of the respective maximum recommended service life.
In acknowledged guarantee cases, at its discretion MAXX will either replace the goods with equivalent value products, or will repair the goods. Multiple rectifications are permitted. Additional costs such as assembly or freight costs will only be reimbursed as specified in the statutory regulations. The legal EU full guarantee in the 1st and 2nd year, starting from date of purchase, only applies to factory brand new goods and non-used goods. 

In acknowledged guarantee cases, at its discretion, MAXX will either replace the goods with the same products or equivalent value products or successor products, or will repair the goods; and the customer will be responsible for the deductible cited above as a percentage of the respective valid purchase price. Additional costs such as assembly or freight charges are not covered by the guarantee. The prerequisite in this regard is regular and proper care and maintenance by a designated specialized company, at least once annually - receipt serves as verification. In any case MAXX reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether a guarantee claim will be acknowledged.


2. Products of other brand name manufacturers  e.g. Shimano, Sram, Rockshox

For these components the legal EU guarantee period, starting with date of puchase, verified by the sales receipt, always applies. The guarantee only applies for factory brand new and non-used goods - for demonstrator products the guarantee period applies starting with the delivery date to the dealer. Many manufacturers offer an extended manufacturer’s guarantee, which MAXX passes on to the final consumer without acknowledging any legal obligation. 

Excluded from the guarantee are defects and damages...

• due to improper use, inadequate care, and maintenance, which among other things is responsible for corrosion or other changes in the surface.
• due to modifications of the delivered specification of the wheel, e.g. by mounting components that are not approved by MAXX.
• due to wear occasioned by use, e.g. chain, brake pads, rims, tires, inner tubes, brakes and shifting cables with housings.
• that were known to the purchaser when the sale was concluded, which however were accepted by the purchaser, possibly for a discount in price, and acknowledged by the purchaser with unconditional acceptance.
• due to preexisting damage to components caused by a fall, accident, or transport damage.
• on the frame due to operation with a trailer.
• due to improper use in competition, stunts, messenger service, bike rental, or other commercial events.
• due to force majeure or events for which neither MAXX nor the dealer are responsible.
• that results from consequential damage, after the first occurring defect was not immediately reported to the authorized dealer. The dealer must decide on further procedure based on his expert knowledge, and possibly may prohibit further use of the bike or of a component, for safety reasons.

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